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hi, i'm lauren, & this is my blog.
i like doctor who, sherlock, kpop, and pop-punk.

I always accept SHINee drabble requests. Just drop a prompt and pairing into my ask and I'll try my best to write it!
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→ Anonymous whispered : taeminxminho, backstage, blindfold (based on shinee's latest 'evil' performance at SWC) ^^

Taemin doesn’t protest when he’s ushered into a room unknown to him, only trusting Minho’s word as he follows him blindly with lips pressed to his neck and fingers intertwined in his hair.

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The things Evil does to me are definitely evil. 

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→ Anonymous whispered : 2min, cafe, flowers

Taemin is staring blankly into the cup of coffee that sits on the table in front of him, trying to ignore the pain in his heart and the words of ‘I think we should break up’ lingering in his mind. If he had known that the ‘date’ Jonghyun wanted to have was their last, he wouldn’t have bothered coming at all, he thinks.

He’s torn from his thoughts when something obstructs his view of his no longer steaming, probably cold coffee. Flowers - a bouquet of reds and pinks and soft yellows.

He blinks confusedly for a moment before glancing up, and he furrows his brows at the sight of a tall, handsome man with dark hair, who merely smiles down at him and proceeds to shove the flowers towards him once more.

"Here, I think you need these more than I do." the man speaks, and Taemin only responds with a scoff and a raised eyebrow, emotion stirring within him. He definitely isn’t in the mood for this right now.

"Why the hell would I need flowers? They’re just dead plants that are going to whither away, just like everything else in life. They’re useless."

The man’s eyes widen at his statement, and purses his lips to let out a low whistle. 

"You really do need these, huh?”


"It looks like you need something bright in your life."

Taemin feels heat rush to his cheeks, and he ducks his head, shrugging. He swallows thickly, and lets an unamused chuckle escape his lips before he speaks quietly. “Maybe, but you should give them to somebody that’s worth it.”

The man shrugs, still smiling. “Well, something tells me you’re a better candidate than the girl that just stood me up.”

Taemin takes the flowers then with a sigh, and the man’s smile turns into a full blown grin. A smile of his own tugs at his lips, too, and murmurs a quiet thank you. Maybe he really did need this.

"Cool. I’m Choi Minho - how about another date, too? I think I need something bright in my life, too."

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